Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Non-Italy pictorial: Out of Africa

Africa's largest (Kruger National Park) ...

... and it's smallest antelope, the Damaraland dik-dik, Waterberg Plateau Park, Namibia

Diverse watercraft on a blustery Durban day

This baobab tree is supposedly 2,700 years old - near Tzaneen, Limpopo province, SA

This guy watched us closely for a long time as we took our break on the bush walk, Kruger NP

Sable antelope, Kruger NP

A new day and some new carrion?

A motley crew enjoying sundowners, Kruger NP

Waterbuck, Kruger NP

Lilac-breasted roller

Bar's open!

The desolate beauty of Damaraland, Namibia

Victim of the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Dunes of the Namib, the world's oldest desert

Krisjan from Damaraland

Full moon rising, Waterberg Plateau campsite, Namibia

Harry (of Potter fame), one of the newest adoptees at Cheetah Conservation Fund near Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Victim of the desert (springbok carcass) - b/w Damaraland and Skeleton Coast

Dragon's jaw natural rock formation - Twyfelfontein (translates as 'fountain of doubt'), Namibia

Rock etchings (2-6,000 years old) at Twyfelfontein - the famous long-tailed lion

Amazing Damaraland campsite - Xanagu near Twyfelfontein

The old and the older - welwitschia plant (hundreds of years old), fossilized tree (millions of years old)

Female relativity - wife, niece, sister outside Windhoek

Swakopmund craft market and the buzz of a film crew

Maria and Paula - Khomas Hochland, Namibia

Reluctant tourist subject (HRH), abandoned rig in background - Skeleton Coast

Lone dune boarder - south of Swakopmund

Cool dude at moonrise - near Windhoek

...and an 80th birthday to cap it all.

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Karin said...

Thank YOU!! I've been waiting for these. Looks like another splendid adventure! Great pics, as always, I truly enjoy them. Nice to see your family. I don't believe I have seen any pics of your parents. Hmmm